Darjeeling is filled with exquisite locations that people from around the country and beyond visit to witness. The pristine atmosphere, beautiful locations make Darjeeling a crowd favourite and arguably the most popular tourist destination in the whole of North-East India. Among many places from here, Mall is another such place that people tends to visit more often than not while coming to Darjeeling. The Mall road consists of breathtaking landscapes of Mount Kanchenjunga along with pleasant weather. This place is a mountain walkway that British people used for a leisure walk. The whole area is mostly used for morning strolls, exercises etc. During festival times, you will notice many shops that sell garments, jewellery, and much more. It is a great place to stay if you are visiting Darjeeling, and we, at Indus Hotels, offers the finest accommodation among Darjeeling hotels near Mall.

Facilities that Indus Hotel offer:

Indus Hotel is well-equipped with all the necessary services that are required to ensure a safe and convenient stay for the customers. Here, we have discussed some of the primary facilities that we offer at Indus -

Multi-Cuisine Restaurant

Multi-Cuisine Restaurant:

Our restaurant offers delicious foods across cuisines as per our customer’s desires. The experienced cooks and professionals know their craft very well and can improvise according to the needs of the visitor.


Getting a hotel with all the necessary services can impact heavily on your pockets in Darjeeling. Indus Hotel is one of the popular hotels near Mall road. Our state-of-the-art facilities are affordable and people can relish luxury on a budget. The delicious food, luxurious rooms along with the spectacular landscape of Mount Kanchenjunga will offer you an unforgettable stay with the Indus!


With 24x7 CCTV surveillance, Indus Hotel offers top-of-the-line security measures to ensure a total safe and secure environment for our customers. We make sure our visitors do not worry about the lack of security while enjoying their holidays with their loved ones. We take care of that aspect completely.


The Internet has become the most essential thing in our daily lives. Without it, most of our works remain unresolved. Be it for office work or a college project or a 5-year-old's homework - everything depends on internet availability. We make sure your work gets completed smoothly even when you are travelling.

Room Service

Room Service:

Our professionals are always on time for providing you with the ideal experience. We deliver your food to your doorstep as per your requirement and demand. Additionally, we have laundry services available in Indus as well. It is essential to maintain a certain hygiene standard, and in today’s time and age, it is doubly crucial.

The demand for Darjeeling hotels near Mall is ever increasing. We, at Indus, are aware of the competition and always try to improve our facilities a tad more than before. We aspire to be the leading name in the tourism industry in this region and for that, our team is working tirelessly to achieve that feat.