Start Your Refreshing Day In Darjeeling By Booking The Best Hotel

Start Your Refreshing Day In Darjeeling By Booking The Best Hotel


There are many places in the world where you can spend your time with your loved ones with sheer comfort, relaxation, and proximity. But out of all, Darjeeling is one of them that brings a memorable journey beyond your imagination.

Darjeeling is North Bengal's one of the renowned and most beautiful hill stations that attract visitors all over the world every year. Most tourists while come start their traveling journey through Darjeeling hotel booking.

If you are a regular traveler, then you must know about the culture and prospects of it, but for occasional travelers, Darjeeling is a paradise to spend a few days and capture mesmerizing images to your heart and lens.

Known for its tea plantations, Darjeeling is not only attracting visitors but also offers some breathtaking panoramic views from the best hotel in town.

One of the prime reasons to visit Darjeeling, during September, is its jade green surroundings when the rains are on their way out leaving behind the greenest possible landscapes.

Many tourists prefer visiting Darjeeling during the summer or winter season, as it is less crowded during the monsoon season. As a result, this becomes ideal for those who prefer their solitude and enjoy calmness.

No doubt that this is a great place for both amateur and professional photographers. The refreshing greenery alongside rain, the cloudy skies, surrounded by humongous Eastern Himalayan peaks on brighter days make Darjeeling a hub of natural beauty for photographers.

Visiting Darjeeling is incomplete without a sip of natural tea. The demand for worldwide famous organic Darjeeling tea is everywhere. The awesome smell of the tea leaves that are growing in the tea garden makes your day while you see the tea garden straight from your hotel window.

Tourists are really enjoying the Darjeeling tea during morning and evening either by watching the rain pour down or enjoying the cool breeze and splendid weather outside.

There is no wonder that Darjeeling cuisines have so much to offer for your taste buds. Warming up your day with a hearty bowl of Tibetan Thukpa and delicious momos with a cup of sweet and salty butter tea is something you never want to miss at all.

Sometimes tourists are getting confused about to choosing their best Darjeeling hotel price. Apart from that advanced booking for a luxurious hotel is always offering you hassle-free homestay facilities beyond your imagination.

If you want to enjoy a pleasant monsoon stay in Darjeeling then don't think twice because most hotels and resorts in Darjeeling are offering lucrative deals during the off-season that you can't want to miss. If you are planning to take a vacation in Darjeeling, consider September before the end of the monsoon for a remarkable journey.

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