5 Facilities To Expect From The Best Darjeeling Hotels

5 Facilities To Expect From The Best Darjeeling Hotels


Are you looking to witness the most adventurous journey that is filled with a green valley, full of majestic Himalayan mountains, along with colorful flowers, birds, wild species, and the rapid river, then pack your bag and sail your trip to Darjeeling.

But to explore Darjeeling, you also need to stay and enjoy the warm comforts you desired. To witness the best view of the beautiful and charismatic nature of the hill city, you can stay at the best Darjeeling hotels near Mall.

There are many hotels you can choose according to your budget, but when choosing a hotel near the Mall area, you can expect these amazing facilities such as:


1) Free Wi-Fi

Today, we are all living in the digital era where without internet the life is empty. And if you’re on a vacation without internet, your journey remains unsatisfied. Thus, you can expect Free Wi-Fi to share all the moments you had visited sightseeing places and capture photographs.  

2) Restaurant

Along with visiting your favorite places, enjoying food is also important. There are many hotels in Darjeeling that offer multi-cuisine restaurant foods and beverages of different cultures of people. While visiting Darjeeling, choose your comfortable homestay along with good foods.

3) Car parking

Whether you’re visiting Darjeeling for a business purpose, honeymoon purpose, or a family vacation purpose, choose a spot where you get car parking along with security. There are many hotels that currently offer car rental services to give tourists great hospitality by providing a complete hassle-free journey.

4) Laundry service   

Not every hotel is offering laundry service on a daily basis, but those offers must have a clean hygiene schedule and they really care for your health. So, when you pick a hotel according to your budget, it’s good to check out whether they offer any laundry service on a daily basis or not.

5) Room service

After the pandemic, health and hygienic concerns play an important deal in the tourism industry. Complete room sanitization, along with medical facilities are some benefits many hotels currently offer.

No doubt daily room service is an including part of it. Thus, if you choose the best hotels in Darjeeling you can expect all these facilities under one roof.

Whatever the purpose of your trip, modern tourism industries are well aware of their customers’ needs and they work accordingly. So, if you’re all set to visit and explore Darjeeling, make a list of the facilities you need while staying in hotels and choose accordingly.

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